Computer-aided drafting or commonly known as CAD is used for the creation of objects real and virtual. This program is extensively used in a number of applications that create designs and models for many organizations. Students can gain certification in CAD through online schooling and be a part of the computer design industry while working in numerous fields. There are a number of things to know about an education and career in the field prior to enrollment.

1. Current software packages range from 2D based drafting systems to 3D drafting models that allow rotations of a created object in all directions. The overall use for this field of study is the engineering of 2D and 3D models and drawings for buildings, small homes, special effects in movies, and more. CAD has become more important over time because it has lowered the cost in the development process and it has shortened the design cycle for many projects within a business.

2. With the ability to gain an education through a distance learning school students will be able to explore the uses of CAD in the comfort of their own home. Accredited online courses usually called AutoCAD could take on average 6 to 12 months to complete. Students enrolled in courses will cover basic to advanced concepts of the program. AutoCAD courses help students learn how to control objects, images, tools, and working layouts within the program. Courses may contain 16 lessons per class. Many schools update their curriculum drafting services each year to cover the latest advances in the field.

3. A 2D course will teach students how to set up, create, and edit 2D drawings. Concepts covered in a course like this may include: drawing setup, all 2D drawing editing commands, navigation techniques, properties, viewpoints, plotting procedures, and more. A course designed around 16 lessons will help students by providing them with theory lectures and step-by-step instruction on how to create drawings. Some schools provide downloadable content directly off their school website. Pricing for a 2D course could start at $149. Prices may be higher depending on the course and school a student enrolls in.

4. Distance learning AutoCAD courses allow students to gain valuable skills that improve their job security and enlarge their potential job market. With education opportunities to gain a certificate, associate’s degree, or higher students will have plenty of options for a career upon graduation. AutoCAD experts can make images come to life in 3D. With this ability AutoCAD professionals can design prototypes, solve dimensional design problems, and build digital models for a number of organizations. Other career opportunities can have certified individuals creating artificial props for motion graphics, creating special effects make-up, and more.

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