These days, getting into the best universities is nearly impossible for most students. Even the most outstanding students with A grade point averages and loads of extracurricular and leadership activities are being shunned by the best schools. There are too many qualified students chasing too few places.

Many of the best colleges just waitlist everyone and then sit back and watch what happens.

If your son or daughter has been rejected from top colleges, especially that specific college they had their heart set on, you have options and that is what I am going to talk about in this article today.

I got rejected from the top 10 colleges I wanted to go to. Choosing a lower ranked school as an alternative was not something I wanted to consider, so I made a plan and it worked for me, and it can work for you. This is what I did…

The first thing I did was research the area around the University I wanted to attend (we’ll call it College X). Most major universities are surrounded by other schools, whether it be lower-ranked schools you may never have heard of, or community colleges.

I enrolled in a community college just down the street from the college I ultimately wanted to attend (College X).

Why did I do this? Many college professors, even at the most popular colleges, work at the community college or nearby lesser-known schools to earn some extra money. I went through the course catalog at College X and compared it to the course catalog at the community college and found about a dozen professors who taught at both schools.

I signed up for community college classes taught by the teachers who worked at College X.

It is very easy to excel in a community college and it is also very easy to llm get A’s. I’m not embarrassed to say that it was also easy to catch the attention of these teachers who work second jobs at the community college.

After meeting several of them, I asked them to write letters of recommendation on my behalf when I reapplied to X University.

It took me two years to get A’s at the community college, as well as several letters of recommendation from professors who work at the college I wanted to attend, but I was eventually accepted as a transfer student and ended up graduating with honors from College X. which is a Bit ironic considering they had initially turned down my application.

Every year, the best universities accept 100 to 200 or more (depending on the university) “Transfer Students”. Why do they do that? Because kids drop out of school every year and they need to fill those seats. Once you are accepted as a transfer student, you become a full-fledged student who is no different from anyone else. In fact, unless you tell people, you’ll know you’re a transfer student.

You can check your target school’s website for information on their specific transfer program and probably also download a transfer application and instructions.

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